Lyqa is a brand name of LYQA Techno Solution Pvt. Ltd. and the company is established in Oct 2015. Md. Shahid and Ms. Sabiya Praveen are the founder and director of the company. Both has started the company jointly with the common goal to provide the surveillance security system and home appliances to fulfill the need of people & giving them the 24 hours better services. The company has AIM and Target to provide better quality products and better services to keep the customers requirement and views in better ways. Lyqa Techno Solution Pvt. Ltd. has started as a very small firm. Now company is providing lots of home appliances to fulfill the requirement easily to customers that they can achieve their dreams. Company is manufacturing many products in the brand name of LYQA with installation & repair services in affordable price and costs in India

Products and Description:-

  1. Lyqa CCTV Camera: Lyqa is symbol of a better quality of CCTV cameras with efficient HD resolution and video quality. We have better quality of CCTV Network cameras and DVR of top branding like Lyqa, Hikvision, CP Plus , Dahua, Samsung. Our company is the best CCTV service provider in Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Perdesh, Mumbai, kolkata, madhya pradesh.
    • You can get services easily with CCTV camera technician and IP camera technician near about you
    • We have many CCTV camera service center in Patna, Bihar, Ranchi,Jharkhand, Luknow Uttar Perdesh, Mumbai, kolkata, madhya pradesh. We also provide CCTV repair service in Patna Bihar in affordable costs.
    • In the sense of backup of recording, we are one of the best surveillance service provider in Patna, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Perdesh, Mumbai, kolkata, madhya pradesh. We use surveillance Hard Drive to keep continue the recording in uninterrupted sequence and long life recordings.
    • You can watch online live views and recordings anywhere on Internet on your PC, Laptops and Mobile.
  2. Biometrics Devices: Lyqa provides Biometric devices for online attendance system in affordable cost and better services in Patna Bihar.
  3. GPS Devices: Lyqa manufactures best quality of GPS devices for location tracking with reliability of online tracking system.
  4. Telecom Intercom Devices: Lyqa provides devices and services for Intercom connectivity in home and Offices in small and large scale.
  5. Home Appliances: Lyqa provides many home appliances like Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Mixer, Water Purifier, Press (Iron), Geyser, Fan, Air Cooler, etc with Repair & Installation services in Patna Bihar.
  6. Home & Office Repair Services : Lyqa provides many Repair Services Like Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Air Condition (AC), Cctv Camera, DG Generator, Installation, Contractors, in Patna Bihar